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Swim Meet/Swim Team Job Descriptions

Meets are run by officials, coaches and parent volunteers. Each family will be asked to work 3 dual meets (2 home and 1 away).  If your child is attending an invitational or championship, you will be asked to work those as well.

Below are descriptions of the various volunteer roles. 

Lake Assignments:  

Head Timer (1 head timer for each home dual meet)

During warm ups - distributes watches and ensures all timers are present and trained. Makes sure all timers are in place for the start of the meet.  Collect all the watches at the end of the meet.

Timer (8-16 needed for each meet) 

There are usually 2 timers per lane at dual meets.  Timers are responsible for timing the swimmer in their lane using the electronic timing system and stop watches.  Timers should arrive 30 minutes early and check in with the Head Timer to receive their watch and training.  

Back Up Timer (1 per home meet)

Stands behind timers and starts their stopwatch for each race in case a timer misses the start.  This role can be shared by 2 volunteers if requested, you are responsible for sharing.

Officials (4 officials per home meet; 2 per away meets)

Level II for Wednesday night meets and Level I and trainees for Friday morning meets.  Anyone interested, please contact a Board member immediately.  We are always in need of officials and would LOVE to get you certified!!

Marshals (1 per meet)

Makes sure the swimmers are ready for their races.  Work with coaches to locate swimmers according to the meet sheets.  Familiarity of younger swimmers is preferred.

Runners(home meet only)

Distributes/collects time cards from timers and runs them over to the scorer’s desk.

Booth Assignments:

Announcer (home meets only; 1 announcer for each meet)

Announces the swimmers, lane assignments and team scores during the meet.

Colorado Operator (home meets only; 2 operators for each meet)

Operates the electronic timing system, which produces the race results.  You must be present before and after the meet to ensure proper set-up and breakdown of the system. 

Colorado Setup/Breakdown  (home meets only; 2 volunteers per meet) 

Arrive 45 minutes before a meet to (1) raise the flag (2) connect plungers to the Colorado lines, (3) walk the starting equipment to it's location(s).  Stay about 1/2 hour after the meet to put plungers/starter away and put away the flag. Volunteers that can assist with the large scoreboard are encouraged to take this role.

Scorer (1 scorer for each meet)

Records the times/scores of each race for both teams.  Compares results with the scorer from the other team for consistency.  Gets the signatures of the coaches/officials on the results form at the end of the meet.  Must be detail oriented.

Table Coordinator (1 coordinator for each home meet)

Makes any last minute changes to the heat sheets submitted by the coaches.  Reviews the results from the timing system and the place judges for consistency.  Must average stopwatch times for the 25’s or for the 50’s if the timing system has problems.  Gives validated times to the scorer. You must coordinate all activities in the booth.  Checks and notes DQs from the officials.

Ribbons (Ramapo meets only - 1 or 2 per meet)

Notes finish order, confirms with official, and hands out ribbons.  Ability to multi-task needed.

Snack Stand Assignments:

ALL Snack Stand attendees are relieved while their child swims a race.  There is no expectation for you to miss your child's performance.

Head Snack Stand Attendee Coordinate purchase or donations of snack stand items for meets and invitationals. Check in attendees. Oversee operation and attend during meet when necessary.

Snack Stand Setup/Cleanup Staff Prepares the snack stand to open before meets.  Arrive 1 hour before meet (earlier as needed before invitationals) to set up equipment and put out products.  Attend snack stand during meets if necessary.

Snack Stand Attendees Attend the snack stand during the duration of the meet.  Work register and act as customer service to patrons.