Pequannock Piranhas

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If the summer season has gotten your child so interested in swimming that they express an interest in swimming year-round, there are several choices open to you and your child. 

Swim clinics and lessons 

Classes are run several times over the winter and usually last about two months.  Several YM/YHCA and swim clubs have excellent instructional programs.  Feel free to ask the Parent Association concerning these.

Bluestreaks Swim Team (Wayne YMCA)  1 Pike Drive, Wayne, NJ Tel: 973-595-0100
Lakeland Hills YMCA 100 Fanny Road Mountain Lake, NJ Tel: 973-334-2820 
Montclair YMCA YM-YWHA 25 Park Street Montclair, NJ Tel: 973-783-8867
Pioneer Aquatic Club William Paterson University Ed Gurka  Tel: 973-831-5993

Winter swim teams
Your decision should be made after honest consideration of your child's level of ability and commitment, as well as your financial situation and availability to take your child to meets and practices.  Winter swimming demands a lot of time from both you and your child. 

In most cases, winter swim teams (including the Y’s) require a try-out, which your child will have to pass in order to make the team. Training programs vary in degree of difficulty and you should "shop around" by talking to other parents, team members, and coaches before you make any decision.