Pequannock Piranhas

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The Pequannock Swim Team Parents Association

The Pequannock Piranhas is a competitive summer swim team sponsored by the Pequannock Township Department of Parks and Recreation.  The team swims at PV Park, where a 25 meter and a 50 meter long course are available for the team's use.  Practice sessions are held on a daily basis, with the exception weekends and during inclement weather.  Swim meets are generally held Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Holidays may cause changes based on where they fall in the calendar. 

The coach and assistants are in charge of most aspects of the team's operation.  The Pequannock Swim Team Parents' Association (PSTPA) is a non-profit organization to which we now welcome you. Our primary purpose is to support the swim team.  All members are required to participate and assist in the operation of the team activities and meets. 

The PSTPA Board is 100% volunteer and elected.  Their purpose is to organize the season, ensure parent involvement and act as communicator between Parents and Coaches.  We urge parents to bring any issues to a Board member or via email to  Coaches are not responsible to deal directly with Parents during practices and/or meets.

Since the board is volunteer, we encourage our parents to consider taking a role as they vacate. Please contact the President, or any board member, if you are interested in becoming a board member.  Roles are as follows:   President: presides at all meetings, performs customary duties of office and oversees all jobs performed by committees and acts as Parks and Recreation Liaison. Vice-President (2): performs all duties of the President in his/her absence.  Treasurer: receives and disburses all PSTPA funds as approved by the Board and keeps accurate records of expenditures. Recording Secretary: keeps minutes of all special and general meetings and is official custodian of all records. Corresponding Secretary: conducts all correspondence and performs duties of Recording Secretary in his/her absence.  Representatives-at-Large (2): performs any duties deemed necessary by the board. President Ex-Officio: At the end of a president's term, he/she will stay on the Board in an advisory capacity.

Parental Encouragement

It is not unusual for children to want to hang up their suits after just one or two practices.  Practices are hard work.  Your young swimmer has a lot to gain from being on the swim team.  Encourage your child to "stick it out,” and in a few weeks, the conditioning techniques used by the coaches will begin to pay off. They will likely make friends and enjoy the season as it progresses.

About the Coaches

Coaches and assistant coaches are township employees and are responsible for training the swimmers. Please do not bombard the coaches with questions.  While we don't feel the coaches are unapproachable, we'd rather have them use their time teaching and getting the swimmers ready for competition.  Try not to involve the coaches in technical or philosophical discussions - they're just too busy!  Also, encourage your child to deal directly with the coaches on matters such as stroke technique.  It's more efficient and sometimes helps a shy child become more outspoken and self-assured. 

Do not criticize the coaching staff in the presence of swimmers.  Remember that the coaches have the final say on what event your child swims in.  Whether or not you agree with a coaching decision, effective coaching requires that the coaches have the swimmers trust and respect.  Do not do anything to undermine that authority, doing so may ban you from meets, practice and possibly end your child's season early.  This discretion is made by vote of the Executive Board.

You may bring your concerns to a board member, contact the coaches via website, or email, however, all three methods will be sent directly to the President. Speaking to the President or Vice President in person is encouraged.  We are always available to address your questions and comments.

Above all, remember that a swim meet is not the proper time or place to discuss coaching decisions. 

About Parks and Recreation

The PV Park Director is responsible for the entire park facility.  PV Park is a municipal facility and the swim team is subject to township ordinances governing its use.

While Pequannock Parks and Recreation is also responsible for employing our coaching staff, any concerns regarding team members, parents, coaches, volunteers or the facility should be directed to the PSTPA Board.  Please do not contact Parks and Rec directly with coaching concerns. Our strong relationship and constant contact with Parks and Recreation allows the Board to address any questions that may come up during the season regarding coaching staff or facility needs - if necessary - however, the Board speaks with the coaching staff daily and will act as liaison between parents and coaches.